MAKE DATING GREAT AGAIN: Dating Site For Trump Supporters Officially Launches

Email Bio Follow April 11 President Trump signed a bill Wednesday that gives federal and state prosecutors greater power to pursue websites that host sex-trafficking ads and enables victims and state attorneys general to file lawsuits against those sites. The signing comes just days after seven executives for Backpage. Some of those girls were killed. A number of websites, including Craigslist, began shutting down sections that might be construed as sex-related after the bill passed the Senate last month, and Wagner said online sex-related advertising revenue had declined 87 percent in the past 60 days, roughly when her bill passed the House. Advocates for sex workers also criticized the bill as depriving them of a safe place to screen customers, as well as removing a tool for law enforcement to track pimps, locate missing children and build criminal cases. The federal indictment of Backpage officials unsealed Monday described one girl who was prostituted on Backpage from ages 14 to 19, saying she was gang-raped, choked to the point of seizures and forced to perform sex acts at gunpoint. The Communications Decency Act, often credited with creating an environment of free speech which enabled the Internet to flourish, was successfully invoked by Backpage and others in claiming they were merely hosting questionable content, not creating it. Criminal cases in California and civil cases in many states were dismissed by judges who said the intent of the act was to protect the website hosts, and they invited Congress to change the law.

Donald Trump Dating Site Founder Talks Love And Politics

By Helin Jung Jan 27, Donald Trump now occupies the office of the presidency, and his wife of nearly 12 years, Melania Trump, is the nation’s first lady. The former reality star and business mogul has often shared intimate details about his relationship with his third wife, back since they first started dating in the late ’90s. They’ve come a long way since then. Let’s take a look at the Trumps’ relationship. September Donald Trump, who is 52 at the time, has been dating the Norwegian heiress Celina Midelfart for several months while finalizing his divorce from second wife Marla Maples.

Donald sends Celina to the bathroom so he can talk to Melania, according to a profile in GQ.

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Conservatives want their own safe spaces and their own political correctness just as much. And it turns out they want their own liberal-free safe spaces online, too. In fact, a Trump supporter-only dating site just launched, called Trump. It is unclear at this time whether the site endorses multiple affairs after the third marriage. Granted, word comprehension is probably not a priority for their target audience. Dating was made by patriots, for patriots, passionate about putting America first in their future.

Dating is a convenient, easy-to-use online dating site designed for all ages and individuals at all stages of their lives. With tens of thousands of users active on the platform already, the Make Dating Great Again love-pairing site is helping like-minded Trump supporters find common ground with other patriotic people.

Spread the word about the launch of our new freedom-based dating site, and head on over today to find love through Trump on Trump.

Who is a Mail Order Bride Find Beautiful Woman for Marriage

Luke Stranahan Luke Stranahan is an engineer by trade and an armed patriot by inclination. He writes for Return of Kings as a leisure pursuit and an attempt to do his part to help reverse the slide into moral decrepitude of modern society. Follow him on Twitter. E Harmony has their vaunted matching system as their main thing; expect to spend about 2 hours filling out their profile, and the reason is that their matches should match you better than other sites.

This is important because the ONLY girls you will see are the ones they send you. This is the only online dating service other than Tinder, which is simply an app that will not let you search on your own.

The Trump family makes headlines constantly. But Ivanka Trump often flies under the radar. You likely know she owns successful businesses and has three children with husband, Jared Kushner.

Columnist March 5 In the category of small mercies, let us file this one: As strongmen go, President Trump has proved to be blessedly weak. There has been debate about whether Trump was joking. A couple of days earlier, Trump casually proposed suspending the Constitution to deal with shootings: He talks like Mussolini but governs like Mr. Being a dictator is hard work, after all, and Trump, who has more than once remarked on how difficult his job already is, needs his executive time.

Being a dictator requires discipline, and Trump thrives on chaos, his White House lurching between scandals and beset by constant turnover. But can anybody imagine Trump doing the difficult spadework needed to become a dictator? Trump made billions from it. China shuts down sites that cover celebrity gossip.

Melania Trump

Dating apps for romantics, music lovers, pot smokers, crowdsourcers, bearded men, lesbian ladies, heavy swipers and more What if you’re just a regular American girl looking for a good guy with nice manners and a cute accent that you can take home to mum? The ultimate Anglophile love story, the couple met while Rebecca was studying in England. After dating for about six months, Ben proposed.

The Trump-lovers dating site, which incorporates the president’s hairstyle in its logo, says it’s “giving like-minded Americans a chance to meet without the awkwardness that comes with the first.

On the cliffside above her, stunning pictographs dating back to the s — colorful stick figures and a silhouetted handprint that the Anasazi created by blowing paint over the backs of their hands — pop in the morning sun. Diederichs, an archeologist with Cortez, Colorado-based Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, leans forward to take a close look at a large hole in the wall of this historic kiva, a room used by Pueblo peoples for religious ceremonies.

With her hand, she takes a crude measurement of the damage, then sits back. A dejected look washes over her face. Without careful repair, this structure could soon be lost. The ruins here at Butler Wash, an archaeologically rich area roughly 20 miles southwest of Blanding, Utah, fall just inside the newly redrawn boundary of Bears Ears National Monument. But there are thousands of similar sites, including a slew on the Cedar Mesa plateau, one of the densest archaeological areas in the country, that recently lost the protections that a national monument designation affords.

In December, President Donald Trump gutted the 1. Now the monument is divided into two disconnected sites, named Shash Jaa and Indian Creek, and includes two small satellite units around the Moon House and Doll House ruins. The vast majority have yet to be studied and cataloged. Friends of Cedar Mesa, a small conservation nonprofit that is involved in a suit to stop the monument rollback, estimates that the boundary change cuts out 74 percent of the known archeological sites.

: A Place for Politically Conservative Daters to Meet

She attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana [28] and studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana for one year before she dropped out. Zampolli urged her to travel to the United States, where he said he would like to represent her. She also marketed a Melania Skin Care Collection, sold in high-end department stores. When Midelfart went off to use the restroom, Trump approached Knauss and asked for her telephone number.

It’s time to learn how to meet them, date them, and make them yours. But just because some bloggers tell you that they are easy doesn’t mean that it’s true.

We met in junior high through our siblings and remained friends all through high school. We both loved science fiction, fantasy novels and cashew chicken, both reveled in hiking and dancing like idiots. He gave me a ride to a party one Halloween; by coincidence, I was dressed as a hippie and he as a soldier in his ROTC uniform — we were already communicating our political differences subliminally.

Despite a decade of quiet but persistent matchmaking by our friends, we never dated. That is, until May , when the presidential primaries were all but over. I knew we disagreed on some things. We had debated gun control, private versus public education and refugee admission. But these conversations never raised barriers and only surfaced occasionally during the nine months we were together. Judging from his opinions and coming, as we do, from New Mexico — the state that elected Gary Johnson to two terms as governor — I assumed he was a libertarian.

But amid my rising suspicions, he confirmed in January that Donald Trump had received his vote in the presidential election. The polarization of U. By virtue of divergent values or a failure of effective communication, politics have barged into our bedrooms and seems determined to stay. A study found that from to , having a similar political background was essentially irrelevant.

Yet as early as , this was changing.

15 of American adults use online dating sites or mobile apps

A national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted June July 12, , among 2, adults, finds that: The share of to year-olds who report having used online dating has nearly tripled in the last two years. For young adults in particular, this overall increase in online dating usage has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the use of mobile dating apps.

These young adults are now more likely than any other age group to use mobile dating apps. As was the case in previous Pew Research Center surveys of online dating , college graduates and the relatively affluent are especially likely to know people who use online dating or to know people who have entered into a relationship that began online. Those who have tried online dating offer mixed opinions about the experience — most have a positive outlook, even as they recognize certain downsides Users of online dating are generally positive — but far from universally so — about the pros and cons of dating digitally.

And Xi is just the latest of Trump’s strongman crushes. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is a “smart cookie,” Saddam Hussein was good at killing terrorists, Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sissi is.

By Rachel Thompson When a presidential election costs you the person you love the most But, one man thinks he has a solution for the latter. Well, for Trump supporters, at least. David Goss in February founded TrumpSingles. An end to acrimonious dates? He looked at her in the face, stared at her for a good few minutes and then got up and stormed out without paying,” says Goss, who’s also a Trump supporter. Since its launch, the site has seen ebbs and flows in its success, but Goss says the run-up to the inauguration has brought more people to the site than they’ve ever had.

According to Goss, the site has just over 24, users, with a gender ratio of 44 percent female and 56 percent male. Goss says he’s saddened that people’s political views are impacting on their ability to find happiness. This is like a civil war. A place where Trump supporters won’t be harassed Goss says the situation for Trump supporters in the dating world goes beyond ridiculing people: He describes the site as a space where Trump supporters can be free from harassment.

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Stop expecting movies to teach your kids morality With heated political interactions now the norm, both on social media and in the real world, is dating someone with different political beliefs a thing of the past? It sure would seem that way. Jenny, 26, from New Orleans, was outspoken against President Trump. Trump supporters who are unattached have established their own online enclaves where they can meet like-minded people to avoid outbursts like the kind Peter describes.

Sadly, sites like that seem almost unnecessary, since many people would be hard-pressed to even find someone in their social circle with differing political opinions.

Vanessa Trump Just Confirmed Her Ex-Husband Don Jr. Is Dating Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle. The now-legit couple were first rumored to be dating in May.

More Articles June 11, The Trump family makes headlines constantly. But Ivanka Trump often flies under the radar. You likely know she owns successful businesses and has three children with husband, Jared Kushner. But which facts did you miss? These are the most fascinating things you never knew about the first daughter. Ivanka has some really unhealthy habits Ivanka has a lot of phone time every day.

However, studies support people getting at least seven hours of sleep to function optimally. However, giving in to this time-suck can damage your productivity. Rewriting the Rules of Success, were unsavory to say the least. The main thing Ivanka and Donald both enjoy 3. Ivanka said they both like real estate and golf. A reputation at stake 4. Ivanka took heat for a racist, lewd comment Left:

Trump says Putin ‘a leader far more than our president’

Continue reading the main story Their accounts — many relayed here in their own words — reveal unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women, and unsettling workplace conduct, according to the interviews, as well as court records and written recollections. The interactions occurred in his offices at Trump Tower, at his homes, at construction sites and backstage at beauty pageants. They appeared to be fleeting, unimportant moments to him, but they left lasting impressions on the women who experienced them.

Dating in is more of a challenge than ever before, thanks in part to today’s polarizing political landscape. While searching for a potential partner on other dating sites, it’s not uncommon to see messages like No Trump supporters or Proud liberal.

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There’s Now A Dating Site For Americans Who Need A Trump Escape Plan

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