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Man of the Match: Israel Folau [8] In starting, Danny Buderus beat two Blues standing records – Harragon ‘s for consecutive matches and Fittler ‘s for most games as captain. Much of the media build-up focused on the match being his state representative farewell, as well as Mitchell Pearce ‘s debut and Braith Anasta ‘s State of Origin comeback. Blues’ utility Kurt Gidley had been shuffled at the last minute into the starting line-up over Brett Stewart , resulting in formal pre-match protest from Queensland. Ten minutes later Queensland were a man down after Prince’s forearm was broken in a tackle and the New South Welshmen capitalised, [11] working the ball up close to the Maroons’ line and out to left centre Matt Cooper to stretch out through the defence and plant the ball. Fitzgibbon added the extras to give his team an 8 – 4 lead. Folau, coming through at speed, leapt above his opposite number to grab the ball and as he fell awkwardly back down, managed to ground it one-handed behind his head in what was a remarkable effort.

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Using digital camera in macro mode: Next, find a suitably broken corner or edge to photograph. From this you can determine whether or not the material is asbestos cement or not. By contrast, the cellulose fibres used in Hardifence tend to be bonded more uniformly and fibre lengths tend to be shorter and not as strong. As a result, broken edges of Hardifence almost resemble the appearance of torn cardboard with a soft fuzzy edging.

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Hazem El Masri after appearing at Bankstown court where all charges against him were dropped. Nick Moir As El Masri has said: The result was “probably … the toughest thing in my whole life”. The episode has come at a great personal cost, even though he has now been vindicated. The allegations against him have been shown to be false, and the charges withdrawn by the police. His case raises questions about how well we respect the notion that a person must be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Known as “the golden thread” of the criminal law, the presumption means that the prosecution must prove the guilt of a person beyond reasonable doubt. This enables our society to be underpinned by justice and fair treatment. It acts as a crucial counterweight to the tendency to prejudge. Advertisement The law must reflect this principle. Unfortunately, and increasingly, it does not. For many years, parliaments around Australia have enacted new statutes that erode the presumption of innocence.

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Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope. Vasco da Gama sails to India via the Cape. Portuguese discover the Moluccas. Magellan enters the Pacific. Alvarez discovers the Solomon Islands. Cornelius Houtman pilots Dutch ships to the East Indies.

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Whereas the hyphae inside the roots are mainly surrounded by plant cells and in a stable environment, the hyphae extending to the soil are exposed to great variations in abiotic properties and they constantly interact with other organisms in soil such as fungi, macrofauna, microfauna, and bacteria. The total soil volume under the influence of mycorrhizal plants is referred to as the mycorrhizosphere and includes the combined effects exerted on the soil microbial communities by the roots rhizosphere and by the mycorrhizal hyphae hyphosphere.

Hence the mycorrhizosphere might be considered the crossroad of the root—soil habitat where complex fine-scale gradients of substrate availability, water potential, and redox state modify the root—soil environment, and consequently the composition, activity, and colonization ability of the surrounding beneficial, pathogenic, and commensal microbial communities. In this chapter we provide an overview of the available scientific knowledge on the identity and putative roles of hyphae-associated microbes in relation to the AM fungi and also to the mycorrhizal host plants.

We explore the dynamics of these associations under fluctuating environmental conditions and the evolving insights to understand hyphae-associated microbes. More specifically, we analyze the potential involvement of the microbes in nutrient cycling and carbon transformation in the hyphosphere.

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Never mind who is running the show, it is the same actual train, i. Outside, the sun is not yet up, and the street lights are still on as we skim past the suburbs of Sydney. Early morning commuters stare back at our eager faces. Today is another Monday work day for them. We are the lucky ones going off an adventure.

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Thurston and fired by A. Collis and Fireman E. On Tuesday 28 January No. Sparrow and Fireman Miles. Bogie tipping wagons with continuous brakes, German Railways. Hall; also tank No.

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Each and every one of us will have at one time or another experienced the ebb and flow in our passion for trains and railways, whether it be an allegiance to steam or a penchant for more modern diesel and electric traction…in essence, the appeal of trains frequently comes and goes, but it never leaves us entirely.

Terry’s fascination with trains began in the West Riding of Yorkshire during the s when the majority of small boys shared a passion for train spotting. It started off as a relatively simple hobby at first, little morethan jotting down a few engine numbers at his local station at Saltaire near Shipley until it dawned on him that spotting the same old engines time and time again was a fruitless exercise and a wider search began in earnest. His parents were badgered for permission to travel further afield, but wisely no mention was made of the hairy escapades his trips involved, often pedalling mile upon mile on push bikes to faraway places and climbing over perimeter walls to gain access to engine sheds.

The Australian national rugby league team (or the Kangaroos) have represented Australia in senior men’s rugby league football competition since the establishment of the ‘Northern Union game’ in Australia in Administered by the Australian Rugby League, the Kangaroos are ranked first in the RLIF World team is the most successful in Rugby League World Cup history, having.

Appellant sought to place before the CCA new evidence from participants in the above offences to the effect that appellant was not present at the time of the offences or that they did not see him when the shootings occurred. Evidence was received from one witness, whereupon the Crown commenced cross examination of that witness. Objection was taken on the grounds of self-incrimination.

Self-incrimination – objection taken – already convicted of offence – possible appeal – whether reasonable grounds for objection – application of s. Objection to answering questions on ground of self-incrimination overruled, subject to objection to particular questions. No details of offences stated. The supply offences arose out of the supply of methylamphetamine to an undercover police officer on 5 occasions over a period of 10 days.

Applicant was the proprietor of a service station in Cessnock. The sales of drugs were made at the service station. Prior conviction for drug offence – earlier offence inappropriately taken into account – double jeopardy – use of Judicial Commission statistics for comparison with like offences – sentencing discretion – whether sentence excessive.

R v Bell [ ] NSWCCA 2 Application for leave to withdraw Notice of Abandonment of appeal against conviction; application for extension of time within which to appeal and leave to appeal against conviction; application for leave to appeal against certain sentences. These offences involved an almost continuous course of serious sexual conduct.

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Southern Railway 51 at Bournemouth shed dark green with Greek style lettering in Jenkinson states S. Author began working at Yarm station in July Yarm from the air showing the full length of the railway viaduct; Yarm station c looking south, Map of railways in the Yarm area, plan of station layout; Yarm station c looking north, Stockton; Waiting for an excursion to Redcar in at Yarm; A1 no St.

Mungo passing Yarm on express in about ; A3 no Tranquil passing Yarm in about on express; G5 no at Yarm with train for Northallerton; V2 no at Yarm with train of old corridor stock. Sussex in the s. The Eye of the beholder: Other than a concluding note on Eric Gill’s fascination with railways and the adoption of Gill Sans typefaces by the LNER, most of this article discusses the exterior proportions of locomotives produced by the major private firms, such as R.

Hawthorn and by the railway companies, and the architects draughtsmen of such designs. These people were well aware of the need to produce objects of distinctive beauty. See letter by Rod Garner on insurance against boiler explosions on page Ian Middleditch and Stuart Rankin captions.

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